Contractor for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

On December 10, 2019, BART purchased 2150 Webster Street with the purpose of relocating its corporate headquarters from its current headquarters at 300 Lakeside Dr. The new BART Headquarters is 244,287 square feet accommodating 1,300 of its employees. The BART District has issued a Progressive Design-Build contract for tenant improvement construction for the renovation of the new BART Headquarters.

The total estimated cost of the Contract (Contract No. 6M4706Q) was approximately between $45 to $50 million, and the estimated contract duration is sixty weeks or 420 days. Small, local, minority, women, disabled veteran and LGBT-certified businesses were invited to actively participate in the Contract and other tenant improvements set to take place in the new BART Headquarters.

Design of the BART Corporate Headquarters included furnishing all management, coordination, professional services, labor, equipment, materials and other services to perform the design and construction of the new BART Headquarters.


Net Electric served as the contractor that installed:

  • Electrical power on each of the 10 floors
  • Electrical distribution panels
  • Branch circuits
  • Tie ins and terminations
  • Access control & Security features
    • Card readers
    • Door readers
    • Security cameras

To learn more about the BART Corporate Headquarters project visit: